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Contracted to develop and deploy a network for a hospital in the South Florida area.

You are the lead engineer for Trades Networking Group (TNG), a small consulting firm located in the Southeast United States. You and a team of engineers were contracted to develop and deploy a network for a hospital in the South Florida area. The network will host Internet-facing servers and an e-mail server. Web-based services will be used to interact with a database that holds patients records. However, this database will not be available from the Internet. It will be available only from the intranet. Not all users on the hospital’s network should be able to reach that internal Web-based customer database server. Wireless solutions must be deployed throughout the hospital; however, guests should not be able to access the corporate data highway.

Working with your group of engineers, complete the following:

  • Recommend and explain a design solution.
  • Explain why you have chosen your design.
  • The document of 3–5 pages should be a professional design document.
    • You must include a diagram in your document to depict your recommended design.
  • Create a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation to present to your customers when you make your design presentation

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