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A brief description of the targeted student with a disability

This assignment is very detailed oriented.

Obtain a lesson plan that has been written by the teacher in a curricular area that is a challenge for the student (math, writing, reading, science, etc.).


i)        Write an Accommodation/Lesson Plan based on your observations and inclusive of the following. Ensure that you review the plan with the mentor teacher(s).


(1)   A brief description of the targeted student with a disability: (a) Age and grade level of student, (b) Areas of academic strengths/weaknesses, (c) Student’s preferred modalities of learning.


(2)   A learning objective that would be more appropriate for the targeted student with disabilities.


(3)   An activity/assignment that would match this objective and would be appropriate for the student based on his or her cognitive level.


(4)   An assessment for this activity that would be appropriate for the targeted student; consider and describe technologies and other instructional supports that would enhance the learning for this student.

Implement the modified lesson with the targeted student.


i)        Write a 1000-1250-word Reflective Analysis.

(1)   Consider the following. Ensure your responses are inherent in the essay, not simply short answers to these questions:

(a)    Which accommodations and modifications were successful?

(b)   If you taught this lesson again, would you do it the same/different? Explain.

(c)    What other accommodations/modifications might the student’s regular education classroom teacher make?


(d)   What other accommodations/modifications might the student’s special education classroom teacher make?

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