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Are decisions reached most frequently based on authority, majority, or consensus?

In your workplace (or home if you are not employed outside of the home) are decisions reached most frequently based on authority, majority, or consensus? And what do you see as the major factors supporting that decision-making method?

Write a 2-page essay in APA format exclusive of Title page, Abstract, and Reference page, with correct spelling and English grammar.

My basic info on this:

In my work place (a civil engineering construction company) all inner-company decisions are based on authority. Essentially the typical hierarchical model, decisions are based on rank from the owner/president down to the base employee. However on the construction site, decisions are based off of facts using literature such as construction specifications, and regional construction standards. Out of these two authority styles, I prefer basing my work decisions off of facts and standards rather than the hierarchical model. My main issue with the hierarchical model of decision-making stems from its tendency to mismanage authority, giving all the decision making power to the upper management and then leaving no decision power to the lower employees. The error in this logic is that often the most valuable information can be gained from a lower employee voicing

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