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Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach

1- Read “Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach,

By Robert E. Quinn (Author), et al.


2-    For all Modules in the book, there are five competencies identified. Choose 4. In each of the four, locate the analysis activity, a practice activity, and the application activity.


Complete those 12 activities.


  1. You will need to assemble a group/groups in order to complete most of these activities. If other members of the class are doing the same activity, then try to collaborate with them and be in the same group. Group members can also include friends, families or colleagues at work.


  1. For each of the 12 activities: Write a ½ to 1 page paper detailing how you assembled your group and completed your activity, as well as your experiences and findings for each activity.


  1. Write an additional 3-page paper outlining your overall conclusions. Be sure to indicate if the activities helped you develop these competencies in your weak areas.



Points possible for these assignments (Activity 2) = 300


Students are expected to adhere to the following standards for all submissions:



  1. All papers must be word-processed, double-spaced, written in 12-point font, and


have standard margins.


  1. Papers must contain no misspelled words or grammatical errors.


  1. Use proper format for citations and footnotes, as well as quotation marks.


  1. Be sure that the organization of your paper clearly follows the assignment. The


reader should not have to figure out what item in the assignment you are addressing,


in that section of the paper.


  1. Reminders: put the week and assignment at the top of each essay, along with your


name and the date. Pages need to be numbered.






Academic Writing Style:


Graduate students


familiar with and follow consistently the Turabian: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers,


Theses and Dissertations – Chicago Style for Students and Researchers


norms for overall writing guidelines, including all citations, reference pages and title pages.



Students should specifically use the Turabian (Author-Date) Style for all citations.

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