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Create a relatively simple program in three languages: Perl, Python, and PHP.

I need to create a relatively simple program in three languages: Perl, Python, and PHP.  It needs to be coded in these three languages and is due on 9/16/2015.  Please only contact me if you are sincere in your work, can use documentation for code, and know Perl/Python/PHP.  I previously worked with someone who copied/pasted code from Google resulting in a failure!


The simple programs are all the same: a stock ticker program (pull values for a stock from a site like Yahoo Finance, for example)


The criteria for the programs are:

Program written in Perl, Python, and PHP

– The prorgam should contain a some logic (solve some basic problem).

– The program should do some input and output. The input and output could be:

— read and write to a file

— read and and and write XML

— read and write data over the network


You will have one week to complete this assignment. You will be graded on this assignment. See how I grade coding assignments for details


You will be asked to write this program in Perl, Python, and in PHP.

– A simple stock ticker (pull ticker value from finance site like Yahoo Finance, for example)



Works as described

Quality of code

– easy to read / maintain

– good program structure and flow, parts logically broken out into methods or functions

– some program logic

– some I/O



Extra credit for test code 

If your project is more than one file, submit an attachment of a compressed archive of those files using either .zip or .tar

If your project is a single file, it is ok to submit just the file as an attachment.

Do not

– use a compression tool other than zip or tar

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