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Explain your process for instilling trust

Week 2 Assignment- Reflective Essay

Outline and briefly explain your process for instilling trust. How does building relationships and getting to know each others’ interests translate into negotiating power. Use examples from movies, books or real life.

Write a 2 page essay in APA format exclusive of Title page, Abstract, and Reference page, with correct spelling and English grammar.


Week 2 Assignments- 12 angry men 

Concepts Integration and Application: Twelve Angry Men Video Review and Analysis

The video, Twelve Angry Men, is a classic movie that captures all stages of conflict, conflict styles, and processes that help transition groups out of stalemate

View the movie at:
After completing this week’s reading and Power Point Presentations and Hand-outs you should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to analyze conflict processes demonstrated and complete the Twelve Angry Men debrief questions (attached to this email)

Just to clear up some question regarding the Unit 2 assignment:

  • It is not necessary to answer each question posted.
  • The question are there to guide, and structure the essay.
  • It is not necessary to answer each question in order.
  • It is not necessary to address every question in your paper.
  • The paper should be a well written 4 page document in APA format that covers the content ask by the questions.
  • You may want to use the questions or some of them as Sub-headings.
  • What will not make a good essay is a list of questions and then answers, that is an exam not a paper.

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