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Health care

APA Style, Plagiarism Free, Abstract is not required, Three or more references. Need back on Monday September 8, 2015 at 6pm Central time.


Please read lecture and review rubic for grading rubric.

Health care

Providers must learn new tools to eliminate disparities, build trust with patients, and understand how international biases and pre-established stereotypes affect quality of care.

Write a paper (1,180 words) that identifies and defines various tools and measurements that can be used to measure the effectiveness of diversity programs and policies established by the organization.


Address how each of the following must be considered when considering how to implement an environment of diversity:

  1. a) Government regulations.
  2. b) Social pressures.
  3. c) Industry and company ethical codes.
  4. d) Tension between personal standards and the goals of the organization.

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