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Integumentary system

Scenerio and Summary

This assignment is designed to review and assess some of the key knowledge that you have acquired as you have read through and studied the materials about the integumentary system.  Download the worksheet associated with this week’s laboratory.  The completed worksheet should be saved as a word file and placed in the Week 2 digital dropbox.


Download the worksheet in Step 2 below by right clicking the link and selecting save target as. Complete the worksheet. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

Feel free to use your text and other resources for this assignment, BUT all answers must be in your own words and sources should be properly cited. Answers that are cut and pasted from other sources will result in a zero for this assignment.


STEP 1: Review Chapter 4 on the Skin and Body Membranes

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Carefully read and take notes on your readings about the skin and its functions.  Take time to answer the review questions located at the end of the chapter.  For additional insights, try examining the Critical Thinking and Clinical Application Questions found at the end of the chapter before you attempt to complete the worksheets

STEP 2: Download worksheets

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Download this worksheet –Laboratory Week 2 – Integumentary System– by right clicking the link and selecting “save target as.” Complete the worksheet, and save it as a Word document. Name your file Lab2_YOURNAME.doc.

STEP 3: Submit your labs to the Dropbox


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