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Complete 11 quiz on UMUCwebsite under my student profile.

Need someone to complete 11 quiz on UMUCwebsite under my student profile.


Q3 : 10 QUESTIONS (Elasticity External Learning Tool)

Q4: 18 QUESTIONS (Government Action External Learning Tool)

Q5: 8 QUESTIONS (Surplus)

Q6: 12 QUESTIONS (Utility External Learning Tool)

Q7: 22 QUESTIONS (Production External Learning Tool)

Q8: 26 QUESTIONS (Perfect Competition External Learning Tool)

Q9: 20 QUESTIONS (Monopoly External Learning Tool)

Q10: 8 QUESTIONS (Oligopoly External Learning Tool)

Q11: 20 QUESTIONS (Monopolistically Competitive Industry External Learning Tool)

Q12: 10 QUESTIONS (Public Goods External Learning Tool)

Q13: 6 QUESTIONS (Income Distribution External Learning Tool


You have two attempts to take each quiz. The higher score will be the one that is record.


Please follow the instructions below.  (Must do and Not to Do)


The quiz is not scored, however, until the student submits his or her final answers and views his or her results. If the student leaves the quiz before viewing final results, the student will not receive a score but will “lose” the attempt. To avoid “losing” attempts, students should follow these tips:


DO complete the quiz in one sitting.

DO make sure to have a strong internet connection when taking quizzes – especially when pressing the “submit” button.

Use ONLY the three quiz navigation controls inside the quiz iframe while taking the quiz:

Use the buttons “Very Sure,” “Pretty Sure” and “Just a Guess” to record an answer and move to the next question.

Use the “Progress” drop-down menu at the top to jump between questions. When jumping between questions, don’t forget that you still need to press “Very Sure,” “Pretty Sure” or “Just a Guess” after selecting your answer.

Use the “Submit” button to submit answers and view results. The “Submit” button appears only after answering the last question.

Do NOT leave the quiz before viewing results:

Do NOT use any other navigation controls

Do NOT close your browser tab

Do NOT refresh your browser

If you accidentally do any of the above, you will receive a warning message. DO pay attention to it and select “Stay on this page” to remain on the quiz and finish it


(I will send user and password in the handshake.)


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