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Explain what the reader needs to know about the topic in order to understand the research.

I. Introduction…here you should give an overview about your topic. What is your question? What is the topic all about? Why is this worth studying? What is your research aiming to accomplish/conclude? 1⁄2 – 1 page II. Literature Review…here you should give all of the background info on your topic. Explain what the reader needs to know about the topic in order to understand the research. For example, if you are doing your project on memory, what do we already know about memory? Here is where you cite relevant research that you discovered in the literature. You need to use at least 3 credible sources (academic / government / science journals). Make sure you are thorough in explaining the information that we already know and the other research that has been done on the subject already (good summaries). How do the different sources tie into each other to give you a good understanding of the general topic you are researching? How does this research relate to you topic and how will it help you design you research project? ***provide a bibliography / works cited page (at the end) 1 – 2 pages III. Methodology…here you explain your methodology. What is your hypothesis?, procedure (methodology)?, operational definitions? – set up, controls, variables (IV, DV, CV’s etc.) 1⁄2 – 1 page IV. Results…here you give your results (be as specific and detailed as you can) 1⁄2 – 1 page V. Conclusion…here you analyze your results and draw conclusions. What is the answer to your question? (were you able to answer it?) How trustworthy (reliable) do you believe your data is? (explain) ** Make sure you also include some personal evaluation about what you would change if you were to repeat this research. Also, state what future research could be done to give us more knowledge on the topic. (where could you go from here?)

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