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Global and local problem

I need you to write an argumentative essay about global and local problem and I choose transportation problem because I live in Los Angeles and it is a problem here and it’s also an global problem. So make sure you talk about Los Angeles transportation comparing to the global. Use more than 4 sources and have some disagreement sources and work cite them in the end of the essay.use these sources also (Vuchic, Vukan R. Transportation for livable cities. 1999.) and (Buchanan, Colin. Traffic in Towns: A study of the long term problems of traffic in urban areas. Routledge, 2015.) because it required sources to use. please do not use complected words or writing a professional essay, just write as an international student will get a B for the essay. remember do not copy anything because it will show to the professor the similarity%. Use MLA format and the essay is 1250 or more words.remember to include a theses statement.

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