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Describe a day in your life.


Progression 1 Essay Prompt: Like A in Every Day, you must describe a day in your life. Write a narrative essay in which you tell a true story about a single day in your life. This story must have a clear purpose or message (thesis). Consider what you learned or how you grew from this experience.

Final Draft Criteria:

1. Topic Selection: The essay focuses on a single day in your life that was significant or special. Do not just choose a day that was fun; rather, choose a day that you learned something from or that had deeper meaning for you.

2. Title: The title should be both creative and informative.

3. Thesis: The essay may not have an argument, but it has a clear purpose and main idea. This controlling idea may not necessarily be stated in the introduction.

4. Development/Support: Ideas are fully developed and supported. The writer includes sensory details and/or dialogue to bring the story to life.

5. Content: The paper shows that the writer has thoroughly described the events and considered the significance and implications of this day.

6. Organization: The ideas appear in a logical order; the paper uses transitions to move from one idea to the next. The narrative has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

7. Spelling/Grammar/Mechanics: The paper is virtually free of spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors.

8. Page Length: The paper is at least 3 complete pages long. Papers less than 3 complete pages will not earn a grade higher than a D.

9. MLA Formatting: The paper uses MLA formatting, including 12 point Times New Roman font, double spacing, one inch margins, etc. (See your handbook for a sample paper.)

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