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Design a program

In this assignment, you will design a program to perform the following task:

You are going into the Lawn or House service business. Design and write your program that will prompt the user for a choice of services that you offer. Calculate the total cost for the customer. Also, offer a 10% discount for Senior citizens. You MUST offer at least FOUR services. You may offer whatever service you like and whatever price you like (although you prices should be realistic). You may do either Lawn Service or House Service (or both if you like). Display the final cost to the screen for the user. Include a Welcome message explaining your services. Some possible examples of choices might be:

Lawn Service                                     House Service

Lawn mowing                                    Dusting Whole house or by room

Edging                                              Clean bathrooms

Trim bushes                                      Clean floors

Clean gutters                                     Make beds

Landscaping (mulch)                          Wash windows

Raking leaves                                    Clean out basement

 There are 5 components of your submission including:

  • Analysis- Demonstrates your thought process and steps used to analyze the problem. Be sure to include the required input and output and how you will obtain the required output from the given input? Also, include your variable names and definitions. Be sure to describe the necessary formulas and sample calculations that might be needed.
  • Program Design- A detailed, clear description of the program you are building. It should show the flow and logic of your program.
  • Flowchart – Provide a flowchart for your design. You can use Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Visio or any software you have available that will allow to draw shapes and connectors
  • Test plan – Prepare at least 3 sets of input data (Test data) along with their expected output for testing your program.  Your test data can be presented in the form of a table as follows (note: feel free to adapt to your design.
  • Pseudocode- Provide pseudocode of your overall design that fulfills the requirements of the project

All of these components should be placed in word document for submission.

Example application test data:

Test Case # Input Expected Output
1 Lawn mowing ($50)

Trim bushes ($40)

Senior – No

Total Price: $90

Final Price: $90

2 Clean bathrooms ($80)

Clean windows ($100)


Senior – Yes

Total Price: $180

Senior citizen discount (10%)

Final Price:  $162

3 Your service selection options Your output

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