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Explain the nature of the method and its importance

Use the table provided or create one of your own using the program of your choice—MS Word, MS Excel, etc.—to define each selection method. Explain the nature of the method and its importance. Then list all the advantages and disadvantages for each selection method.

In a separate short essay (2-3 pages), recommend the most appropriate selection method or combination of selection methods for this case study, explaining your rationale. Present at least three scholarly sources to support your rationale using APA format.

  • Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment
  • Use headings to separate the sections of the paper
  • Page numbers
  • Double-spacing
  • Times New Roman, size 12
  • In-text citations to sources in APA style
  • Reference page using APA style
  • References not older than three years old


Criteria 1
Definition and Explanation of Psychometric tests


Definition and Explanation of Resume or curriculum vitae review


Definition and Explanation of Formal (Structured) Interview


Definition and Explanation of Informal Interview


Definition and Explanation of Teaching Observation


Definition and Explanation of Presentation to candidates to a panel of teachers


Definition and Explanation of Online Testing


Definition and Explanation of References


Criteria 2
Advantages/Disadvanges of Psychometric tests


Advantages/Disadvantages of Resume or curriculum vitae review


Advantages/Disadvantages of Formal (Structured) Interview


Advantages/Disadvantages of Informal Interview



Advantages/Disadvantages of Teaching Observation



Advantages/Disadvantages of Presentation to candidates to a panel of teachers



Advantages/Disadvantages of Online Testing


Advantages/Disadvantages of References


Criteria 3
Recommendation of Selection Method


Criteria 4
Use credible reasoning and evidence in communication.


Accurate use of resources


APA Guidelines for in-text citations and References


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