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Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Annotated Bibliography Instructions

  1. Set up your document in MLA format.

Save As: LastFirstClasstimeAB#1 (change the Bib Set # as you complete them, #1, #2, #3, #4)

Example: WaltersPeggy8AB#1 or WaltersPeggy1AB#2, etc.

Title: Bib Set #1 (or #2, #3, #4 depending on which one is due)

  1. Begin adding your FIVE citations in alphabetical order. If you keep track of them on EasyBib or BibMe, they should be populated in alphabetical order. But check to make sure as you add them into your bibliography.
  2. After each citation, you will add an annotation (no more than 6 sentences long) describing the information you found in that source that will be helpful in proving your thesis. See the Sample Annotated Bibliography in Course Documents for an example of how this looks.
  3. Each citation should have a hanging indent as seen in the Sample. To create the hanging indent follow these steps:
  4. Highlight the entire citation and annotation
  5. Use the Line and Paragraph Spacing button, then click on Line Spacing Options
  6. When the window opens, find Special on the right side
  7. Open the dropdown box and click on Hanging. The text should automagically move into the hanging indent.
  8. Once the text looks like the Bib Model, Save. (Since you saved this format, the next citation may automagically happen without going through the steps again.)
  9. Follow these steps for each citation until all FIVE are completed, Save. Then go to Bb and submit the paper.

NOO BOOKS JUST Journals ARTICAL  Topic  is ( snow white )

Dates Due:

Bib Set #1 – five alphabetized citations using ONLY academic articles        Sun., Sept. 28 


Bib Set #2 – five alphabetized citations using ONLY academic articles        Sun., Sept. 28            9AM

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