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Semantic Development

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Learning Resources

Required Resources

Challenges for Second Language Learnings in School

During the complex process of acquiring a second language, children sometimes exhibit behaviors that result in their being incorrectly labeled as “challenging” or as having communication disorders. It is important that every adult, including family members, understand the impact that second language acquisition may have on a child’s actions and emotional states.

Review the article “Understanding the Impact of Language Differences on Classroom Behavior.” Then bring to mind children you know—or know about from this week’s readings—for whom English is a second language, and consider the information presented in the reading about behaviors associated with second language learners.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 3:



  • A description of some of the behaviors that children acquiring a second language might exhibit
  • Advice that you might give and/or insights that you might share with family members or early childhood teachers to better support the overall development of a child who is learning a second language

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