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What is International Accounting?


*        APA style of writing,

*        Cover page

*        Reference page

*        No less than 8 pages (including cover page, table of contents, endnote page,


*        Typed, double spaced, normal 1” margins,

*        Type size 12, type style: New Times Roman or Arial font,

*        Report is to be written in narrative form, and

*        Detailed information covering the project requirements.




  1. What is International Accounting?
  2. Evolution of Multinational Corporation
  3. International Income Taxation
  4. International Transfer Pricing
  5. Cross-Listed on Foreign Stock Exchanges
  6. International Trade
  7. Foreign Direct Investment
  8. Multinational Corporations
  9. International Capital Markets


  1. Evidence of Accounting Diversity
  2. Reasons for Accounting Diversity
  3. Problems caused by accounting diversity
  4. Accounting Clusters
  5. An Empirical Test of the Judgmental Classification
  6. The Influence of Culture of Financial Reporting
  7. Religion and Accounting



  1. Major Harmonization Efforts
  2. The International Accounting Standards Committee
  3. Creation of the IASB
  4. The IASB Framework
  5. International Financial Reporting Standards
  6. A Principles-Based Approach to International Financial Reporting Standards
  7. International Convergence Towards IFRS
  8. The Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
  9. IFRS in the European Union
  10. IFRS in the United States

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