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Brief paper, which includes the noted information

Write a brief (5 page) paper, which includes the noted information. Note this is a narrative paper and NOT to be written as a question and answer assignment. The title page and references are not included as part of page count. Use of headings required. Must use APA format.


The purpose of this assignment is to provide each student with the opportunity develop the first 3 steps of the TRIP Model for his/her  translational research project plan to address a burning clinical question to make a practice change.




Sections Number of Points Possible
Introduction to topic

Requires citations from the literature

Presentation of Burning Clinical Question/Issue 40
Review of the literature

Must be presented by themes

Research Questions

Must contain all elements of PICOT

Includes remarks/comments/track changes from writing center tutor and group members as appendices or separate documents 10
APA format including headings


Total 200


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