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Explain the benefit of using analytics in business

Assignment -No Plagiarism PLEASE read before accepting assignment. Assignment is Due Tomorrow, September 24, by 3pm EST.


  • Part One of Assignment
    • Use the article COMPETING ON ANALYTICS. By: Davenport, Thomas.HarvardBusinessReview, Jan2006, Vol. 84 Issue 1, p98-107, 10p, 3 charts, 2 illustrations
    • Prepare a 300 word analysis of the article
    • Provide at least one company example of how analytics are used in the article
    • In your own words, explain the benefit of using analytics in business
    • Provide one example of how you can use analytics in your company or industry.
    • Save your work in an Word file

 Part Two of Assignment

Please open and review the directions for constructing a bar graph and the lecture on using megastat for descriptive statistics and bar graph construction. The directions assume you have never used Excel and thus give you step by step directions so you can begin to learn to use Excel for statistics and constructing graphs.  Before you start, call tech support and they can help you download and install Megastat for Excel.  The megastat is provided for you in week one.  After you get megastat installed, click on and open the Week One Excel File and   do the Descriptive statistics piece of the assignment first and then do the graphical analysis piece second  and label the page Descriptive Statistics with a blue tab color, have the graph be on its on Label the bottom tab on the sheet that has your descriptive statistics and graph with  a yellow  tab color for easy identification and please label it  “stats graph”  .  Then open up the Word document on Week 1 Hypothesis Test Directions For Megastat for this is the step by step guide to completing a hypothesis test.   The mini lecture directions show multiple columns of data but you have only one column of data so you only need to select the  single column of data in the hypothesis test.  Complete the hypothesis test and give the page tab a light green color and words “HO Test”.  Save the Excel file.

  • Please check to see that in your excel file you should have one sheet that has the data and have one sheet with the descriptive statistics and designated tab, one for the graph and one for the hypothesis test.  Thus one file contains four sheets with different information on each one.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Excel File with completed assignment and Word file for article summary.


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