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Identify the different types of biases that are likely to occur, and explain what steps you will take to minimize them.


Write a two- to three-page report discussing the sampling design for the proposal.

Describe the sampling procedures (convenience, quota, simple random) that will yield the best results for your research objective and justify your rationale for choosing the procedure(s). Include the following information:

  1. Research the objective.
  2. Description of the population: Process for identifying the target population and selecting the sampling frame
  3. Identify the different types of biases that are likely to occur, and explain what steps you will take to minimize them.
  4. Conclusion: Highlight the major points discussed in the previous sections. Be sure to relate the information back

    to the purpose and relevance of the research.

You must use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. All references used, including the textbook, must be cited.

NOTE: This assignment is part of the Unit VIII Research Proposal. This assignment must be submitted in sequence (i.e., Unit IV must be submitted and graded by the professor, who will provide feedback to the student before he or she can progress to the Unit V assignment). The student assignment will be graded according to the assigned rubric. The professor will grade and annotate items that need to be corrected by the student. This feedback from the professor will help the student correct any discrepancies before compiling this assignment into the Research Proposal. This will help the student achieve a better review/grade for the Research Proposal.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Note: APA format, 12 fonts, in-text citation, references including book, etc..

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