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Target age and demographics

Due Wednesday

Character education programs are one strategy schools use to provide consistency in message and approach school wide. This is a list (not exhaustive) of common character education programs adopted by schools or districts for their curriculum:

  • Second Steps
  • Steps to Respect
  • Life Skills
  • Heartwood Program
  • Character Counts!
  • Center for the 4th and 5th Rs
  • Wise Skills
  • I CAN Character Curriculum
  • STAR (Success through Accepting Responsibility – K-6)
  • How to be Successful (7-9)
  • Values in Action
  • Positive Action
  • The 4 Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect, and Resolution)

For this post, do the following:

  1. Select one character education program and complete a web-based search for information about the program.
  • You may elect to review one not included in the list above, however, present the program to your instructor prior to beginning the work.
  • If your school uses a character education program, you may review it to learn more about the nuances and other ideas about it that may exist.

Compile a PowerPoint or Prezi that addresses the following:

  • Target age and demographics
  • Approach of the program—classroom-based for individual teachers, school wide, flexible, etc.
  • The focus of the curriculum/content as well as the intended outcomes
  • If there is research reviewed about your chosen program, also review that for another lens on the efficacy of the model.
  • Your perceptions of the pros and cons of the approach and program
    • This is an evaluative set of statements from you and your opinion is expected.

Post your presentation to the Discussion Board, making sure to put the program name in the title as well as your name. Share a brief summary that highlights the required information so that others may learn about your program and consider its relevance for their own professional use. You may provide your answers in bulleted form, but be sure to write in complete thoughts.


Note: You are not expected to purchase any program, but to base your review on what is publicly available on the web and/or available to you through your district/school.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.

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