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What are the job specifications?

Do an Internet search for “job description.” Review three different job descriptions (Post the company names and the URLS) and then answer the following five questions for each of the jobs:

  1. What are the job specifications?
  2. Are the physical demands mentioned?
  3. Is the job description task based or competency based?
  4. How might you change this job description to obtain more qualified candidates?
  5. Why do the five steps of the recruitment process require input from other parts of the organization?

How might you handle a situation in which the employees or management are reluctant to complete a job analysis?

Feel free to create a table in which to post your findings.

Discussion #2 

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an internal and external candidate.

Give an example of when you don’t think an external candidate should be considered for a position.

Use at least one reference

Discussion #3

Perform an Internet search on professional associations for your particular career choice (my career choice is Human Resource Manager). List at least three associations, and discuss recruiting options listed on their Web sites (e.g., do they have discussion boards or job advertisements links?).

List the organizations and their Web site link.


Discussion #4: OPTIONAL

Why is it important to determine criteria and interview questions before bringing someone in for an interview?

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