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Abstract about Common Source Amplifier and Frequency Response

lab needs to be formal. First you have to make a design, and then simulate it by Pspice or LTspice. after that if you can build the circuit that’s gonna be great to make sure that the results gotten from the Pspice is correct or close to it. then you should start writing a lab report starting with:

1- Abstract about Common Source Amplifier and Frequency Response

2-Background about the common source Amplifier

3-Procedure of what you have done for the expeirment

4-DON’T forget to attach a Pre-Lab Design with results

5- DON’T forget to attach a Pspice simulated circuit with results

6- DON’t forget to attach a BODE plot

7- You should put the lab results and make a little discussion about it (LOOK AT THE MANUAL, READ IT step by step)

8- CONCLUSION, saying any thing intersting about the lab (Make it useful please)


NOte : deadlines only 15 hour from now

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