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Describe the singing style.

3. Report 3 (Son Huasteco): CD 1. Select ONE of the following:

a) Track 10, La Huasanga (Los Camperos de Valles)

b) Track 11, El Querreque (Conjunto Típico Tamaulipeco)

c) Track 12, El Caballito (El Ballet Folkórico de México)

d) Track 13, El Cielito Lindo (Los Rogacianos)


Include the title, the name of the composer (if known) and of the performer. Identify the instrument or instruments that stand out and mention anything that you noticed about how they were played (mánicos, plucking, bowing). Describe the singing style. Provide a summary of the lyrics (see the translations in the course reader) and point out any significant details.

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