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(Discuss the statistical software, if any, used in analysis of the data and the type of analyses included

In this module we expanded our knowledge about mixed methodology. By Saturday, October 3, 2015 complete the following manuscript research critique for the Mixed Method research article you selected in Module 1. Provide feedback to at least two of your peers by Monday, October 5, 2015.

Manuscript Reference:

Type of Study: Mixed Method

  • Research Topic:
  • Purpose of the Study:
  • Theoretical Framework: (Identify the theoretical/conceptual framework)
  • Specific Research Questions/ Philosophical Underpinnings:


  • Mixed method design: (present the elements of quantitative and qualitative and describe how these compliment each other and why it was important or was not important, to conduct this research as a mixed methods design.)
  • Procedure: (How was the data collected? What was the sampling strategy used?)
  • Variables/Concepts: (Identify the Dependent and Independent Variables or confounds.)
  • Instrument(s) analysis: (Discuss reliability, validity and generalizability of the measures included in the study and/or discuss methods for collecting data. Discuss how rigor is assured.)
  • Data analysis: (Discuss the statistical software, if any, used in analysis of the data and the type of analyses included.)
  • Consent: (What type of consent, if any, was obtained from the participants?)

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points
Included research manuscript critique including: Type of study, topic, purpose, theoretical framework, philosophical underpinnings, and sample.
Identified the mixed method research design.
Discussed the procedure.
Identified the Variables/Concepts.
Identified the instruments or means of data collection and discussed their reliability/validity/generalizability.
Discussed which types of statistical analysis or software used in the study.
Discussed consent.
Responded in a significant manner to at least two postings.
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Justified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, and other references or personal experience. Followed APA rules for attributing sources.

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