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Financial Planning

Financial Planning Project.


You have just met with two new clients, and have asked them to collect information regarding their financial position and some other information. You gave them a fact finder to complete. They return with the form filled to the best of their knowledge. Your task is to develop a full financial plan for Peter and Carly Richards The components for a plan are set out in chapter 15 of the McKeown et al. Financial Planning 2014.


If you feel your organisation will provide other information that is acceptable. The plan should evaluate where Peter and Carly are currently and where they want to be in the short and long term. You are to make recommendations and any products that you recommended must be accompanied by a product disclosure statement.


The product disclosure statements should not be printed but saved to a storage device (CD or USB) and handed in with the plan. Any projections must be shown and any assumptions regarding these projections must be stated and justified. For any missing information, assumptions can be made; however, these must be justifiable.

The normal procedure is to contact the client and ask questions.


Our client is available for questions via a discussion folder in Blackboard. You can ask the client a question by posting it in the folder on Blackboard. This is the only way you can communicate with the client. Do NOT email the lecturer for this unit, as he/she will not respond. Questions will only be answered on Blackboard. Task 3 After submitting a copy of the plan to the client, the group needs to present their recommendations to the clients.


You are to prepare a 20-minute presentation using PowerPoint (or anything other presentation software) to sell the plan to the client. Note the presentation only relates to Task 2 not Task 1. Remember this presentation is a summary of the major points contained within the plan and is not just cut and pasting of sections of the plan. It is aimed at the client so keep it simple to understand but must cover all major parts of the plan and its recommendations. At the end of the presentation the client will have 10 minutes to ask any of the members of the group questions regarding the plan.


The report should have at least 35 pages, which includes;


Components of a Statement of advice

Covering letter

Contents Page

Executive Summary

Scope of Advice

Where you are now (Client)

What you want to achieve

How to get there and why


Cash flow projections

Income tax Planning

Risk management and insurance S

Social security matters

Investment planning

Superannuation and retirement planning

Estate Planning


The cost advice and how the planner is paid

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