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A description of the nature of the work the interviewee does.

Project #2: Professional Profile
For this project, you will need to contact and
interview in person
someone who is currently
working in your professional or academic field. Ideally, this individual holds a job that you
would like to have when you graduate.
Your interview will be written as
a profile article for a department newsletter
distributed to
other students in your discipline.
of the article is to describe the working life of someone in your field for other
students in your discipline. As part of this description, your article should give details about
the role of writing in your interviewee’s work.
Your feature article will need to include the following:
An appropriate introduction that identifies the person you interviewed, conveys a
sense of the interviewee and his or her work, and
the purpose of the article.
A description of the nature of the work the interviewee does. This could include a
description, for example, of a typical day (or typical duties, responsibilities), the most
stressful part of the job (or the most rewarding, most di
cult, most boring, etc.).
A description of the role of written language in your interviewee’s work.
kind of writing
does your interviewee have to do in order to be successful
on the job? How much writing is involved and what kind is most frequent or
most important?
Advice from your interviewee for students planning to enter the field.
A prediction concerning the future professional lives of students in your field (i.e.,
those who will read the article). Include a discussion of the role writing will play in your
professional/academic future. To do this, reflect on the information you learned in the
interview and supply relevant examples.
Support for your statements from quoting or paraphrasing the comments of your

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