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Discussion and analysis –analyse the issues thoroughly and identify how problems could be solved

Task: option 2 > 3. engagement

Content of the research paper
-Literature review –synthesis of literature in the area of research –this will mostly need to come from academic literature, but practitioner literature will also be useful
-Best practices, issues and problems –identify what aspects of the topic are working well or not well in organisations –relevant cases from academic or practitioner literature may be useful
-Discussion and analysis –analyse the issues thoroughly and identify how problems could be solved
-Conclusion –include recommendations for organisations
-References –minimum 15 academic journals and texts

*no need to do title page
*need to be use academic and practitioner journal articles and other relevant literature!
*please do it properly with high quality writing as it is extremely important assignment, and it weighted 50% for this unit!!!
*please use Harvard style of referencing
*reference list, table, figures, appendices are not included in the word count!!!!!
*please read the criteria and stick with it~ once again, this is a really important assignment

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