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Do you see sufficient integration of SEI strategies?

Write a 250-word evaluation for EACH lesson plan. Using the two attached lesson plans from the “SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities. (Copy-paste LINKS in browser to open)http://www.cal.org/siop/pdfs/lesson-plans/dragonfly-lesson-plan.pdf AND   http://www.cal.org/siop/pdfs/lesson-plans/10th-grade-marine-technology.pdf

Your evaluations MUST address the following:

  • Do you see sufficient integration of SEI strategies? (Strategies Attached in LINK-copy/paste in browser) http://hisep.blogspot.com/p/super-sei-strategies.html
  • Is academic vocabulary addressed?
  • What supports the instruction of vocabulary? (USE this info  on this website) http://www.scoe.org/docs/ah/AH_kinsella2.pdf


Be sure to include links to the lesson plans in your evaluation for your instructor.


APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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