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How is Islam similar to Judaism and Christianity, its monotheistic predecessors?

This final exam is worth 20 points/20% of your class grade. While you may use your textbooks and any outside sources as references, I would expect that since this is a test, you will be answering in your own words  (except, for example, if you list the Arabic names for each of the five pillars). Each of these four questions will require a response of at least four to five substantive paragraphs.


1. Regardless of denomination or sect, practicing Jews celebrate several religious holidays/holy days. Tell me about any four of them, describing activities connected with the time and its theological/religious significance. Why do you think anti-Semitism still exists in our world?


2. List and describe (very clearly) the Five Pillars of Islam. How does each function in a Muslim’s life? You can make a little chart for this question if that would help you organize the information more cleanly. In summation, tell me why Americans need to have a basic understanding of Islam.


3. How is Islam similar to Judaism and Christianity, its monotheistic predecessors? Elaborate upon some of the differences between these three religious communities. Feel free to discuss theological points, specific religious practices, views of heaven and hell, structure of clergy, etc.


4.  Present the basics of Muhammad’s life and the early history of Islam, including how/why the religion split into the two main sects existing today.

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