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Is terrorism a serious threat to international and national security?

Teacher Prompt: Please look at your textbook on terrorism and pick an essay/chapter to agree with or disagree with.  Back up your argument with the 4 articles and 1 interview.  Make sure to have a reference page at the end of your essay that has one primary resource (text book) and two secondary sources.


I need 3 pages APA Format argumentative essay intro, three bodies, opposing viewpoint, and conclusion. Regarding the essay pages from the text book (page 182-187)

The book I took from these pages name Contemporary Debates on Terrorism, and the teacher want us to choice one essay and to write weather we agree or disagree.

I choice chapter 4 question:  is terrorism a serious threat to international and national security?

And the writer answer: NO: The continuing threat to state security.


The articles I choice can support my thesis statement. In addition the professor want us to make an interview. For interview, please make it up, say that I interviewed my friend that was in my class last semester and he said ( make up a story ).



3 pages eassay + page for sources


due in 12 hours from now

( i aready chose the chapter from the textbook and add it in the attachments

NO plargisim please


pleace follow the STRUCTURE up

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