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Looking for a Quarantine Research Paper

Looking for a Quarantine Research Paper on Hansen’s disease


–  Submit your proposal for the final paper on Hansen’s disease.


– You must include your title page, your thesis statement, rough outline, and at least five references in APA format.


–   You will be required to write a research paper on a related pre-approved course specific topic. The research paper is worth 30% of your final grade and it should be at least 5-7 pages, not counting the title page, abstract, and bibliography. You must use the PBHE426 Research Template and the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide for your writing and citations.



–    You must have a demonstrable thesis as the last sentence of your introductory paragraph, and you must prove or demonstrate this thesis throughout the paper. Use quotes and paraphrasing appropriately, backing up your views and opinions. First person is not allowed in formal writing and papers.


– All work will be checked at turnitin.com and all work must be orginal.

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