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Write a summary of the significant findings from the financial statement analysis.

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Here are the guidlines. I do have some information already that I can attach.

Financial Analysis Paper: Toyota & GM

1      Include Company Analysis (address prior comments): 2-3 pages

2      Include Industry Analysis (address prior comments): 1-2 pages

3      Include FSAP summary – Summarize the Analysis Tab of the FSAP which contains Ratios, Horizontal Analysis, and Common Size Analysis. Summarize the information in a professional and organized manor. Do not just cut and paste the information into your paper.

4      Write a summary of the significant findings from the financial statement analysis. This should be 2-3 single-spaced pages, using 12-point font. Address the Company & Industry analysis. Address significant Ratios, Horizontal Analysis, and Common Sized Analysis from the FSAP (look under the Analysis Tab). Do not address all the ratios and every line of vertical and horizontal analysis, just what you feel is important and significant to your decision. Focus on the specific items that stood out and impacted your decision. Include academic research to support your analysis.

5      Based on your findings, which company, if any, would you invest in? Include specific support for your decision based on your findings in the analysis. Also include support (for or against) investing in the industry you chose. Include academic research to support your final decision. This should be one page, 12-point font, single-spaced.

The Final Paper should be 6-9 single-spaced pages plus tables

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