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Explain the motivations of the topic you choose and why it is important

In addition to the reading text: W. Charles Sawyer and Richard L. Sprinkle, International Economics, 3rd Edition you are expected to follow current newspaper and magazine stories on international finance throughout the semester.
Good sources of topics on international finance are The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and New York Times, in addition to academic journals and books.

The organization of the paper may vary, but it should include elements as follows:
(1) Introduction: You should specify the issue and its significance. In other words, you need to explain the motivations of the topic you choose and why it is important
(2) Theoretical Framework: Set up an analytical framework that stems from what you have learned in class. Your analysis will be conducted with the framework.
(3) Evidence: Your arguments should be supported by evidence, which can be either data that you collect/compile, or some kinds of facts that are already proved, or (for graduate students) even some simple regression estimates.
(4) Conclusions: State your results clearly and draw some policy implications in this section.
(5) References: Finally you may include a brief list of references used in your paper.

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