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How has Natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel?

you should analyze the attached case study by answering the following questions from marketing prospective
1. How has Natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel?
2. What are the two primary types of growth strategies under consideration by Natureview?
3a. How do the three options compare financially in terms of yearly revenue, gross margin, required investment, and profit potential?
3b. If the venture capitalists extended their deadline for meeting the $20 million revenue target by 12 to 18 months, would that change your recommended action plan?
4. What are the strategic advantages and risks of each option? What channel management conflict issues are involved?
5. What action plan should the company pursue? What changes in the current marketing mix, sales, brand, and channel partner arrangements do you recommend in order to implement the action plan?
* Note: the “A” case will provide a clear financial analysis for justification of action plan.

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