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Identify major exporting and importing industries for the countries assigned to the members of your group.

The team should prepare a total of 2 pages report, titled International Trade: <<List the assigned countries for the members of the group>>. The report should be based on the first four (individual) parts of the Microeconomics Project assignment and the collaboration with your teammate(s). You will discuss the existing and potential international trade flows among the countries, which were assigned to you. Only one report per team will need to be submitted to your instructor.
You will work with your teammates to address the following:

Identify major exporting and importing industries for the countries assigned to the members of your group.
Present the information on the amounts of intra-EU and external trade and major trading partners of the countries assigned to the members of your group.
Based on the information above suggest a possible trade specialization for the member countries, which could provide synergies and make all its members better off.
Prepare a summary to support your decision.

Compose your report in Microsoft Word following APA guidelines. Please include your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date on your title page. The report should contain all sources you utilized in its preparation, properly cited according to the APA guidelines.

Now your FINAL report should include the following reports for the country you were assigned:

1-An overview of international trade flows between the European Union (EU) and its major trading partners
2-Profiles of the countries in your group
3- Potential gains from specialization and international trade among the countries in your group. Include opportunity cost discussions
4- Environmental Sustainability initiatives championed by the countries in your group
5- Conclusion

The countries are: ((Eastern European Group)).
a) Greece
b) Turkey
c) Hungary
d) Austria
e) Lithuania

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