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What reasons you bring to support your main claim

Structure: main claim based on a reaction to J. Scott argument; what reasons you bring to support your main claim; what questions do you have about the specific issue you choose, what possible answers; what objections could you have.
*it doesn’t matter if you make less money because you’ll receive the same high-quality health care (BUT student acknowledges having to wait a year without care; AND has she read the series in NYT “class and Health? Polish woman from low class is basically on the brink of death because of many reasons, one having to do with culture, education, support group, poverty)
MAIN CLAIM and REASONS: J. Scott asserts that class does matter when it comes health care, and I agree in some respects while disagreeing in other areas. REASON 1: It seems to me that in America you can receive decent care as long as you are insured, and it does not matter to what class you belong. The emergencies room is forced to take you by law no matter what your social status might be. Hospitals have qualified doctors, caring nurses and top equipment. To support this reason I will share a personal story as well as adding an outside source describing quality health care in America (ARTICLE NEEDED HERE). For example, my mother, who is a retired nurse aid, received very expensive double-hip surgery, something which she could only dreamed of in her native country. REASON 2: On the other hand, I would argue that class does matter in health matters. Unlike many other Americans, my mother was lucky to have government-sponsored health care. Imagine if the person doesn’t have any time of health insurance and requires specialized intervention, or even basic assistance in the emergency room. Their bill will amount to thousands of dollars, which will weigh on them for a long time, affecting credit and adding stress. This actually happened to me. I was forced to pay thousands of dollars in dental and medical bills. The dental care I received was mediocre, and only many years later I was able to find a qualified health provider. (ARTICLE NEEDED) REASON 3 (how class affects health in other ways; read more).

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