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Discuss how policy makers can incorporate the Domestic Climate Policy Framework into a widely accepted environmental policy.

Paper details:
Course: Public Policy Development
Required Text
Dye, T.R. (2010). Understanding public policy (13th ed.). Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780205757428. Custom ISBN: 9781256054160
Learning Outcomes

1. Assess how the Domestic Climate Policy Framework could fit into widely accepted environmental policy.
2. Assess immigration policy and reform.
3. Examine the impact of a civil rights initiative on current and future public policies.
Required Readings
1. Read the following chapters in your text, Understanding Public Policy:
o Chapter 9: International Trade and Immigration: Elite-Mass Conflict
o Chapter 10: Environmental Policy: Externalities and Interests
o Chapter 11: Civil Rights: Elite and Mass Interaction
2. Read the following journal articles:
o Gould, J. B. (2002). Playing with fire: The civil liberties implications of September 11th. Public Administration Review: Special Issue, 62, 74-79. Retrieved from ProQuest database.
o Nordhaus, R. & Danish, K. W. (2005). Assessing the options for designing a mandatory U. S. greenhouse gas reduction program. Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, 32(1), 97-163. Retrieved from ProQuest database.
o Houston, M. J. & Rothschild, M. L. (1980). Policy-Related Experiments on Information Provision: A Normative Model and Explication. JMR, Journal of Marketing Research, 17(4), 432-450. Retrieved from ProQuest database.
1. Domestic Climate Policy (2 pages)

Discuss how policy makers can incorporate the Domestic Climate Policy Framework into a widely accepted environmental policy. Provide examples to support your claim.

2. Immigration Policy (2 pages)

Dye (2010) argues that immigration reform in the United States has been partially successful.

a. Do you agree with this assessment?
b. What considerations do policy makers need to keep in mind when developing an immigration policy? Provide examples too support your.

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