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How do you use one technology over this area?

For the Individual Portion of the Group Project, you will prepare an 800–1,000-word report for your group members in which you critically evaluate your directive(s). Include in your report the following information for each directive:
What are the surveillance requirements for this focus area in North America?
Evaluate the homeland vulnerabilities to traditional state attacks.
Evaluate the homeland vulnerabilities to traditional nonstate attacks.
How do you use one technology over this area?
How do policy issues and a changing environment affect all 7 of these divisions?ÂÂÂ
What economic implications are there for a change in environment?
What does a change in environment mean to this division?
How would a change in environment produce vulnerabilities, or what are the possible vulnerabilities that would emerge with a change in environment?ÂÂÂ
At present, 2 environments are in need of technology: the Arctic (specifically the Northwest Passage) and near space, or air above airplanes and below satellites (60,000–300,000 feet in the air).
What surveillance is needed?ÂÂÂ

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