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Hybrid vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries

Annotated Bibliography should include at least 8 sources: journals, books, legitimate web sites, or web logs. Each source should be listed according to APA format, and it should be followed by a two/three sentence annotation, describing why the source is important to Technology update report and how you think you might use it.
try to be very specific about the topic hybrid vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries, and write the shortest and most direct sentences.
try to include these resources listed below and find me some more (at least 4 more).
1. American Chemical Society (ACS). "Toward Improving The Safety Of Lithium-ion
Batteries". 2007. Web.
2. technology, New York, NY: Kluwer Academic publishers, 2004. Print.
IEEE Spectrum Magazine. "Lithium Batteries for Hybrid Electric Cars." 2007.
3. Masaki, Yoshio. & Brodd, Akiya. Lithium-ion batteries: science and
Technologies, New York, NY: Springer science business media, LLC, 2009. web.
4. Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. "Research into batteries will give
electric cars the same range as gas cars, experts say." 2011. Web.
if you are not able to download these resources form the internet just get me any appropriate 8 resources for the topic.

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