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“This letter is in response to your August 3 complaint about the Justrite microwave oven you purchased about six months ago for your lunchroom at Zocalo Realty. Inc. we understand that the turntable in the microwave broke shortly after the warranty expired.
Did you know that last year our microwave oven was rated “best in its class” and “most reliable” by consumers count magazine? Indeed, we have received so few complaints about the product that a recent survey of selected purchasers revealed that 98.5% of first-time purchasers of our microwave ovens are pleased that they chose our products and would buy another.
Please double-check your microwave to make sure that the turntable is broken—it may just be temporarily stuck. We rarely have had customers make this specific complaint about our product. However, if the turntable is in need of repair, return the entire appliance to us, and we will have it repaired free of charge or have a new replacement sent to you. We stand behind our product, because the warranty period only recently expired.
It is our sincere hope that you continue to be a satisfied customer of Justrite appliances.”

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