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State privacy laws


Please write a 4-5 page paper (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins) on the following topic. Do not analyze issues using evidence listed one after the other in catalog fashion, but use them as the basis for a unified essay.  Develop a specific thesis (argument or main point) that will help you synthesize your ideas and evidence into cogent discussion. Do your best to think analytically and write clearly and I will offer constructive criticism. Remember, a good paper has introductory and concluding paragraphs and a clear thesis, is well organized by paragraphs that are connected by strong transitional statements and has no grammatical errors.


This is not a research paper. Use only the primary texts and your lecture notes. Use your notes from lectures and class discussions to describe the relevant cultural movements and their characteristic themes, and elucidate the connections between these and your particular texts.  Use examples from the texts as evidence for the associations that you make. Cite the texts by page numbers in parentheses; no separate endnotes or bibliography are required.


You must also submit an electronic copy of your paper to SafeAssign using the link in Blackboard.In order to comply with federal (FERPA) and state privacy laws, you (students) are not required to include personal identifying information such as your name, SSN, and/or U# in the body of the work (text) or use such information in the file naming convention prior to submitting.



Prompt: Find a cultural issue which really interests you (you’ll be spending some time generating ideas about this so it better be interesting and important to you! 😉 Then choose at least three images, one from the course PowerPoints and two from outside research (using a search engine or images scanned at the USF library) Argue a point about the issue concerning its causes and effects and to what extent it has created change in society.

In addition to your three chosen images, analyze other various interrelated texts (literature, sociology, music, architecture, et. al) and use them in conjunction with the notes from lectures and course readings (where relevant) to write an essay. The use of various texts will aid you in writing an interdisciplinary essay. Feel free to set up an appointment to discuss your paper ideas or ask questions.

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