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The impact it will have on other small plane industries

This is a big project I am doing with a group but I only need to focus on one part of the whole project.

The group is to investigates, formulates, and present analysis of the 747 JET

Just focus on
(c) its present and likely future impact,

Suggests the future of this technology and its potential impacts.

discuss maybe the financial areas, cost of building one present, vs future.
The impact it will have on other small plane industries
The impact on the parts/manufacturing companies.
Future and present about the 747

I have uploaded a previous 1st draft version that you can go use and incorporate more into.

**Cite only the work of academically-sound research sources that exmplify standards of currency, credibility, and comprehensiveness. Such as books, journals, reports, NO WIKI please.

I will also upload some articles I have found

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