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What topics are relevant and how to communicate them to potential schools.

I need an ideal sample personal statement to help me write my own for law school admission. I assume this is the best place to include what I can think of about myself.

I did well on the writing samples for LSAT and GMAT, so there is little need to worry about language usage. I mostly need help with what topics are relevant and how to communicate them to potential schools. The statement should be usable for applications to multiple law schools.
Academic: The rest of the application should include my grades and scores (3.6gpa, 168lsat, 710gmat). I attended Pearl River High School, then the University of New Orleans, I spent one semester taking a class at Southeastern Louisiana University when Hurricane Katrina disrupted UNO operations during my first semester, I resumed my studies at UNO the next semester. I originally attended UNO on a scholarship for civil engineering. Throughout college I kept my education diverse, taking business and pre-law classes as well as a few real estate and stock oriented courses. I took and passed every law oriented course UNO offered, even one that I had to take at a satellite campus. During my studies I realized that I would prefer a field with greater human interaction, people add intricacies that are just not found in the mundane memorization of formulae. For this reason, I was ecstatic to learn that UNO had just gotten accredited for an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. This afforded me the opportunity to graduate with a focus on business, law, and philosophy, eventually writing my thesis on the philosophy of the legal environment of business.
Student Organizations: I was a founder and president of the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity chapter at UNO. I was a founding father and executive board officer for the New Orleans chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. I was the alumni liaison for both the Golden Key International Honour Society chapter and the Alpha Kappa Psi colony. I went to multiple conferences on behalf of Golden Key and was the group’s sole representative at the Dallas regional conference (which turned out to be an important leadership experience, the people I met and worked with there were influential to me and I am still in contact with some of them to this day). I served multiple branches of the student government, as a senator first, then on the budget committee, finally as a member of the supreme court before resigning my senior year to found a non-profit. I was also a member of numerous other clubs and honor societies.
Other activities: During high school I was a state place winner in wrestling. After high school, I continued to help coach the team that I had been a member of at Pearl River High School. I have been a LHSAA certified coach for years now, and plan on continuing to coach if there are any opportunities near where I go to school next. I would also like to coach football some day. Coaching has been a major influence on my life, shaping the way I interact with other people. In wrestling there are only two competitors, success or failure cannot be accredited to anyone else. It was by coaching other people through the same stages that I can remember going through that I realized when the competition actually takes place. Most matches are not decided on the mat. It is the effort of preparation that decides most contests before the contestants even meet each other. Directly after High School I joined the Navy to enter their Nuclear Propulsion Engineering field, unfortunately I discovered in bootcamp that I have scoliosis and was discharged. I have not allowed the issue to prevent me from filling the role of on mat coach; I have managed to keep myself in better shape than any other coach on the team.
Work: I have been working for B.C.I. since I was old enough to get a work release. I have worked as a stock boy, cashier, construction worker, and for a while now as a manager. I have worked over and under a diverse group of people over the years and have enjoyed the challenge of balancing the objectives of multiple people.
Other experience: I recently had the honor of serving on jury duty. I have to admit that it was not nearly as boring as I had heard. Having taken law classes before, I found the opportunity exciting. The case ended up being settled by a plea deal, but the deal did not happen until we entered deliberation, so I was able to gain unique insight into the legal system at work. I was happy to find that I am more interested in law school now than before.

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