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Why modeling is useful in decision making.

. Student Research Paper: All students will write a PERSUASIVE PAPER on a topic of their choosing related to Modeling.
a. Choice of CIS 331 Sample Essay Topics
An Example of Useful Modeling.
Why modeling is useful in decision making. Why creativity is important in modeling. Why businesses save money by modeling their decisions.
. Size: 2 pages minimum double spaced, plus separate title page and reference page. Abstract is optional but if used it belongs on its own page too.
Font/Margins/Indentations etc: see APA format rules in BlackBoard(BB) Resource Center and see multiple samples provided in BB Doc Sharing for this course.
Minimum citations: 2
Minimum references: 2

Grammar, readability, spelling 40%APA format 20%Citations and References (must be at least 2 of each) 20%

Note: Copies of refrence materials must be provided.

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