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Certify the number of words on your submission.

-The word limit for the assessed work in Tort is 2000 words and should be strictly observed. Only the text up to the word limit will be marked.

-You are required to certify the number of words on your submission. A false statement as to the word total may be penalized. Students are advised that work is checked for both word limits and for plagiarism, so it is advisable to save your document yourself.

-For the avoidance of doubt, each word in a case name counts. The word count does NOT include footnotes (which should be used for citation purposes only) NOR your bibliography. All other words count towards the word total.

-Footnotes must be confined to citations or references to the source material referred to or used in your text. The use of footnotes for other purposes, such as expansion of arguments or commentary is not permitted and these will not be marked and may result in a deduction of marks for structure and presentation.

-The question is in the attached. Please refer to the attached.

-Also please help judge the number of sources needed to achieve the best grade.

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