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Art History

Quiz #3

30.1 (three paragraphs, at 5 sentences each) Summarize some of the key stylistic traits of French Rococo art and architecture, and explain how these traits relate to the social context of salon life. Then analyze one Rococo work from the chapter and explain how it is typical of the period style.

30.4 ( one paragraph, at least 5 sentences) Discuss the relationship of the Enlightenment interest in archaeology with the new movement of Neoclassicalism in the eighteenth century.

31.3 (minimum one paragraph, at least 5 sentences) Discuss Gustave Courbet’s Realism in works such as The Stone Breakers (FIG. 31-12) and A Burial at Ornans (FIG.31-13) in relation to the social and political issues of mid-century France.

Comments from Support Team: The textbook named “Art History” wrote by Michael W. Cothren and Marilyn Stokstad (fifth edition). This quiz involves two chapters, first and second question involves chapter 30 and the third one involves chapter 31. The title of chapter 30 is “Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-century Art in Europe and North America” and the tile of chapter 31 is “Mid- to Late Nineteenth- Century Art in Europe and the United States”

One artwork involves Rococo Salons is “The Signboard of Gersaint” by Jean-Antoine Watteau.

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