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About data warehousing

Project description
SLP 4 is in two parts. Part I is all about SQL and Part II is about data warehousing topics.
Part I
For the Trident University Student database, generate reports that specified in Module 2 SLP.
1. Students who live in California
2. Students who live outside California
3. Names of students who take ITM440 course
4. Names of students who live in California and take ITM440 course
5. Student names, courses they have taken, and letter grade for each of these courses.
6. Any other information you would like to retrieve from the database (Since we recommended modifying the table created in Module 2 for Module 4, you should have all the related field needed to query the database for items 1-6 here. As you query the table based on requirements 1-6, please provide screenshots of SQL statements and results)
Part II
For the second part of the SLP, write a paper (25 pages) that includes your SQL statements and screenshots of the result of your queries in OpenOffice. (In addition to the SQLs above, you need to do a short essay on any topic of interest as listed below. Write a 2-5 page paper. As discussed in Case 4, your SLP part I and II should be created in a single MS Word document properly labeling Part I SQL and Part II short essay on topic. The write up should be APA with cover page, discussion, conclusions, and references. The discussion section will included screenshots of SQL and the essay. Include a couple of external references in the paper.)
Write a report based on a topic related to data warehouse that interest you. You can choose a topic from the following list, or come up with a topic on your own. You are strongly encouraged to use the Trident online library for this assignment. It is okay to use wiki to help you understand certain concepts, but do not use it in your paper.
7. Data warehouse architecture
8. Data warehouse data sources, loading, cleaning, summarizing, granularity
9. Metadata in a DW
10. Data Modeling and the DW
11. Design principles for DWs
12. Strategic use of the Data warehouse
13. Justification of creating a data warehouse
14. Data warehouse security
15. Data warehouse and data marts
16. Maintaining the data warehouse
17. Online analytical processing (OLAP) and the data warehouse
18. Decision Support Systems and the data warehouse
19. Database marketing and the data warehouse
20. Data mining and the data warehouse
21. Organizing and managing the data warehouse project

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