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Description and analysis of your choreographer’s life.

Project description
This paper will be an in-depth examination of your chosen choreographer’s history, personality, inspirations, and artistic work. It must be 7-8 pages in length, 1 inch margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font. You must have at least 3 credible sources cited, but you will most likely end up needing more than 3. This paper must be cited using MLA format. The Purdue OWL website is a great resource for questions about MLA citations.

The first part of the paper will consist of a description and analysis of your choreographer’s life. You should also research the time period in which the bulk of your information takes place, and explain how the culture influenced your choreographer. Then, you will talk about your choreographer’s inspirations, and how those ideas were manifested in the general aesthetic of their work. Finally, you will watch a full length piece by your chosen artist. You will discuss the specific and detailed ways in which you see your choreographer’s background reflected in the dance.

from the professor:
try to focus on her inspirations, legacy and analysis of one of her pieces.

this link will take you to a database of dances: https://login.libproxy.txstate.edu/login?qurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.alexanderstreet.com%2fdaiv

login is as follows:
netID: mab288
password: Gyxvd81!

search “Martha Graham” and her pieces should pull up.

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