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Does your team intend to build a prototype or a model in project 2?

The name of the book ( engineering design. A project- Based Introduction. 4ht edition)
chapter 10 ( prototyping and proofing the design)

Read Chapter 10 AND Appendix A1-A5.

1. What are prototypes & models? What is the difference between the two? Why would you choose one over the other? How is each tested?
2. There are two main issues to consider when deciding whether to build a prototype. State these two issues and explain what you mean by each.
3. Does your team intend to build a prototype or a model in project 2? (prototype)
4. What do you need to consider when you decide whether to build or buy parts for your prototype or model?
5. Refer to Table 10.1. Which of these suppliers could be useful in purchasing supplies for your project?
6. Refer to your reading of the Appendix. Justify your selected materials and type of fasteners? What building techniques will you use?

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